its a fight its a fight

“had me so hard with the blue, you think I be cripping”

Into You – Fabolous ft Tamia..

Thats my shid. I can’t find the Tamia only version though? Didn’t she make one? I’m not stupid. Fuck!!!! I had to write this over since my freaking damn who cares. Fuck you WordPress!!!! Saying you saved it as a draft. LIARS!!!!

Ugh, I want an Eazy E Compton hat. #random

Anyways… I know this sounds crazy and maybe I had too much salt in my food last night but who did the beatdown on their woman? Chris Brown? or… Bobby Brown? There might be something going on w that Brown surname to make people act violent and savage-ish. I know this because I had a dear friend from Elementary with the last name Brown and she would start fights for no apparent reason… SO be on the lookout for Browns. But then again she was from Puerto Rico and we all know how they are, no shade to PRs though… Neways, I vote Bobby!!!! Considering he beat Whitney to the pulp to the point where she can no longer sing. I mean did you not see her on GMA last year or something. I felt like taking my blanket and making a lynching  rope out of it and hanging myself when she sung. But thats my homie!!!! I should probably stop saying homie since I called my white girlfriend that the other day and she said “uhhh don’t call me homie..?” Fine, thats why I dont hang around crackers, theyre so miserable. I was reading as I am still looking for a life, but I read Lil Wayne supposedly punched Drake in the face… I knkw MTO loves to make false lies and accusations…. But the story when something like they were performing on stage and everything looked aight until they went backstage and he landed a solid pow in the face. Sooo you’re going to let a midget do shid like you to do that to you New Orleans style? Drake is a overrated wimp. Supposedly he punched him because he is mad that he didn’t visit him in jail… Wow big ego very much, why should he visit you… well you know what they say, you can take a person out the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of them. People say Drake looks like an albino avatar, Seriously people? Im trying my best NOT to go to hell for laughing at that but you keep dragging me down with that shid.  but Drake is overrated, no shade though he cant rap, sing or DANCE. He was better off the Jewish cripple on Degrassi… Thats how I feel Bout it, this story sounds alike to Keyshia cole vs nikki minaj supposedly reported almost got into a fight, because Nikki said something about her in the studio weeks ago,  and KC was ready to swing at that wanna be barbie slut. Go Keyshia Go Keyshia, hahaha. I vote KC though, shes dope!!! Shes from Oakland CA., and if you ever been to Compton, Long beach, Inglewood etc then you know…

By the way why does Nikki think shes a barbie?! KC she should snatch that fugging ugly Cleopatra roadkill Epytian wig off her. Last time, I checked my Black Barbie came with 8 kids, a welfare check and a bucket of fried chicken.

And Obama came to Bridgeport 2 weeks ago or so! Hey, Obama welcome here! People asked me if I wanted to go with them to see him. I said hell naw I can’t standing outside in the cold, you trippin’…. I got mad love for Obama, but ya know… hell to the naw. It’s funny how people can’t seem to get off their aszes and go vote for Obama for the voting polls, but when Lil Wayne gets out of jail it gets more attention and praise. Americans of my generation are so screwed, but I shouldn’t be talking I am one big guilty goof myself.

#NP – Weekend LoveCam’ron eowwww.

Killa Cam.

Well gtg get something eat probably some tacos, see ya.


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