deeeez jointsss

“any person that would try to ruin it,
gwen would have to get ludacris,
sweety its not a threat, its a promise,
I’m being blunt honest,
Gwen is hotter than a California day in August”

Naw mean. Anywho, oh I was goin do a shoutout to my new frans, they’re dope. On The Lobby, team gwen stand up! Oh my goshhh, there’s a frigging dawg outside BARKING HIS HEAD OFF. I’m about to go ape on it if it doesn’t shut up! A quiet dog is a dead one. Lol. I was kidding don’t call the PETA on me. I got nuff issues naw mean. Anywho, today’s topic is Food. I love it. I love it like a drug. Especially dark chocolate. I swear you could linger me to do anything with chocolate. o_0 I hate chocolate haters. But since Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ll be stuffing our faces. What do you think? ( : My ma takes me to Boston Market and the food is disgusting, no offence it takes like White People’s cooking. And its the truth. Nasty azz food. You can tell when something is cooked by a white person though, ya dig? Taste… plain, but don’t mind me I know some whitr prople who can throw it dowwwnnnn and cook some fried chicken eoowww. boston market food is horrible, everything, my mom loves that shid. -_- But their yams go hard for me?! Seriously its so good with Marshmallows! I’d slap a h… (shut yo mouth) for it. ha! Im crazy and busy with homework. I got 100 more pages to go. Ahhhh. 3 more years Im freeee!!!!

see ya.


One Response to “deeeez jointsss”

  1. MarcAnthony Says:

    lol, I dont love chocolate!

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