new blog…

“cruising down the west side
on the highway,
doing what we like to do,
our way,
eyes behind shades,
sitting sideways with a newport to blaze.”

Ahahaha, seriously Gwen you cannot rap to save ur life. Nigga, this is my blog, so bounce. Anywho, what it do? I love me some Paul Wall, I aint heard him in ages though, probably died… (ahem) career wise. Oh speaking of music, throwback of the day is “I wanna be down remix” by Brandy ft queen, yo etc..

White ppl: Oh my god, this is my favorite song!
Black ppl: Oh sh*t Nigga. Dis is my joint!

Oh I mean to tell a story that happened a year ago, haha I came out cracking the hell up laughing about it, on the way home. I know people drivin by were like “what the hell is that chick laughing about”? to let you know nigga, I wasnt tipsy okay? now this happened one day when my ma told me to get her a cup of coffee aight so i went to the bakery round da corner and um im not the type of girl to “stand out”. i dress in hoodies and baggy pants ya kmow. and this nigga blasting music loud enough for God to hear. came rolling up by me. before I crossed the street, had the effing nerve (and I was in a bad mood that day) to ask me to get into his car cause I was so beautfiul. Good gawd, thats the 2nd time that shyt happened to me. that was actually the firsttime but Ill post another blog cos my word limit is up…


One Response to “new blog…”

  1. Robb Says:

    lol Gwen, how old are you now ? i have a crush on yew xD

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