new blog part 2

Okay, please scroll down to the first post in return of part two of this. Thank you…

Anyways, As I was saying told me to get the car. Gwen didn’t lose it, I’m not the type to get… violent. So I said, “uh no thank you”, an kept it moving! Now I am just saying this to all the girls out there cause some of y’all are dumb hoes to get in the car. Especially in the hood?! Ninja please. So I went down the street, he made a U-turn and followed me down the street. I saw this Mexican so I talked to him, to make it look like I knew him, so the creepy old man drove off, pffft crackheads. Adios Amigo to the Mexican. And that’s my ghetto story. It’s a good thing my brother wasn’t there or I’d be on the witness protection program. But because of that I went home, ate dinner, went to bed at ahhh 10 PM. I woke up around 2 AM, I was crying, and everytimw I thought of why I was crying. I just cries more for no reason. I told my brother in the other room, I wanna go to the hospital. Sooo he took me there, I was put in the patient room. The nurse asked why didn’t feel well. I just was in a daze cause I was depressed and tired.. I turned my head to the side, and said “I feel like killing myself.” and just like that I snapped back into reality. Let me tell you, this nurse told the doc and he pulled the whistle and blew it like an army sargeant, bahaha, these girls in white coats came running in like an army drill and ripped me butt naked and put me in a hospital blue dress or whatever. Looking like a hot mess I was, oh yeah. They called my mother, oh God. But they brought the psychtraist whatever and asked me dumv questions for 2 hours and They finally released me in the morning. Sheesh, I never wanna go back to the hospital Gwen. Sorry if I wasted your 3 minutes reading this bull. Haha.


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