no one else like her

December 9, 2010

Sorry been busy,
dating fools
working at job
aanddd school!!!
JUST Had news my Aretha Franklin soul singer has the most awful form of Cancer. Pray….


queen beyonce for the win.

November 19, 2010

BEEE YAWWWWNNN nigga watchu SAY?

B E Y O N C E .

so how you ready for thanksgiving? I think I have to work that day,
ugh, they never gimmie a break, ever. But anyways, she will be on a
Thanksgiving night special November 25 (9:30-11:00 PM., ET). On ABC so
don’t miss it, Kanye and Jay will be on, too. There will be stage
performance, off stage wardrobe and shid so put your Freakum Dressum
on and watch it for ya girl. Now I know shes overrated
and people say she’s a straight up Bitch, you guys are
dead………………… right. >_> But we all know she maybe over
the top, rumored to be snobby, and stuck up but that’s why I love
her…! Shes that ghetto down south Bitch, I love it. And I just love
saying her name Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce, it sounds like a ghetto name,
with that “say” sound at the end. Hopefully her new album will be good
because her “I am… Sasha Feirce” whatever crap with the bathing suit
and shid was pure trash… That album sucked. Her B’Day and
Dangerously in Love was the bomb but what was up with that black and
white theme for her Sasha Feirce album? I don’t get it at all, is she
trying to be something she’s not? Cause when Beyonce first came out
you could tell she was that “i roll my neck” attitude chick from the
late 90s with those braids in her hair.. Thats how I got the
impression from her but she wears her hair loose now and it is so….
not cool anymore. Like where is the so called ghetto fabolous girl I
knew? Because her mother is Creole and she has a song called “Creole”
describing her heritage and that is exactly wassup. Creoles I know are
down south of course I have Creole cousins they love eating chitlins,
fried chicken, watermelon all that good stuff. But Beyonce tries to be
like that Italian loser of nothing Lady Gaga with those ridocolous
bathing suits or whatever ballerina shid. Ever her father who is her
producer is upset Beyonce is going into more pop rather than R&B and I
agree… Even though most music is not R&B soul these autotunic days,
but more pop an stuff, so beyonce gotta do what she gotta do to rake
in money considering she calls her self a so called “Independent
Woman.” Fuck being Independent, JayZ is loaded, he spits money, they
are the top earning couple in Hollywood…. (cough) And Beyonce just
comes off fake to me alot…

Did you not see her on Larry King grinning holdin a laugh when asked
how she felt about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna? Cough.


The only one real ghetto in the family I would say would be Solange,
she has these kinky curls hairdo in her hair now for some reason…
But anyways in interviews Solange talks so sloooooowwww, like shes
high off a kite been smoking that purple kush kush kush. people say
shes from Houston so its normal to talk like that. Ahem, I used to
live in California and now I’m on East Coast anyone talking slow and
dizzy like that is either sleep or dope’d up. I liked her Album though
she had in 2007 or 2008 I think, songs like “Tony”, or “would’ve been
the one”. But she needs to sit down cause Queen Bee is on top! There
are other Divas such as Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, or
Sade. But Beyonce is the current Diva of this time.. But be sure to
check out Bee on ABC for thanksgiving, happy holidays…






its a fight its a fight

November 14, 2010

“had me so hard with the blue, you think I be cripping”

Into You – Fabolous ft Tamia..

Thats my shid. I can’t find the Tamia only version though? Didn’t she make one? I’m not stupid. Fuck!!!! I had to write this over since my freaking damn who cares. Fuck you WordPress!!!! Saying you saved it as a draft. LIARS!!!!

Ugh, I want an Eazy E Compton hat. #random

Anyways… I know this sounds crazy and maybe I had too much salt in my food last night but who did the beatdown on their woman? Chris Brown? or… Bobby Brown? There might be something going on w that Brown surname to make people act violent and savage-ish. I know this because I had a dear friend from Elementary with the last name Brown and she would start fights for no apparent reason… SO be on the lookout for Browns. But then again she was from Puerto Rico and we all know how they are, no shade to PRs though… Neways, I vote Bobby!!!! Considering he beat Whitney to the pulp to the point where she can no longer sing. I mean did you not see her on GMA last year or something. I felt like taking my blanket and making a lynching  rope out of it and hanging myself when she sung. But thats my homie!!!! I should probably stop saying homie since I called my white girlfriend that the other day and she said “uhhh don’t call me homie..?” Fine, thats why I dont hang around crackers, theyre so miserable. I was reading as I am still looking for a life, but I read Lil Wayne supposedly punched Drake in the face… I knkw MTO loves to make false lies and accusations…. But the story when something like they were performing on stage and everything looked aight until they went backstage and he landed a solid pow in the face. Sooo you’re going to let a midget do shid like you to do that to you New Orleans style? Drake is a overrated wimp. Supposedly he punched him because he is mad that he didn’t visit him in jail… Wow big ego very much, why should he visit you… well you know what they say, you can take a person out the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of them. People say Drake looks like an albino avatar, Seriously people? Im trying my best NOT to go to hell for laughing at that but you keep dragging me down with that shid.  but Drake is overrated, no shade though he cant rap, sing or DANCE. He was better off the Jewish cripple on Degrassi… Thats how I feel Bout it, this story sounds alike to Keyshia cole vs nikki minaj supposedly reported almost got into a fight, because Nikki said something about her in the studio weeks ago,  and KC was ready to swing at that wanna be barbie slut. Go Keyshia Go Keyshia, hahaha. I vote KC though, shes dope!!! Shes from Oakland CA., and if you ever been to Compton, Long beach, Inglewood etc then you know…

By the way why does Nikki think shes a barbie?! KC she should snatch that fugging ugly Cleopatra roadkill Epytian wig off her. Last time, I checked my Black Barbie came with 8 kids, a welfare check and a bucket of fried chicken.

And Obama came to Bridgeport 2 weeks ago or so! Hey, Obama welcome here! People asked me if I wanted to go with them to see him. I said hell naw I can’t standing outside in the cold, you trippin’…. I got mad love for Obama, but ya know… hell to the naw. It’s funny how people can’t seem to get off their aszes and go vote for Obama for the voting polls, but when Lil Wayne gets out of jail it gets more attention and praise. Americans of my generation are so screwed, but I shouldn’t be talking I am one big guilty goof myself.

#NP – Weekend LoveCam’ron eowwww.

Killa Cam.

Well gtg get something eat probably some tacos, see ya.

deeeez jointsss

November 2, 2010

“any person that would try to ruin it,
gwen would have to get ludacris,
sweety its not a threat, its a promise,
I’m being blunt honest,
Gwen is hotter than a California day in August”

Naw mean. Anywho, oh I was goin do a shoutout to my new frans, they’re dope. On The Lobby, team gwen stand up! Oh my goshhh, there’s a frigging dawg outside BARKING HIS HEAD OFF. I’m about to go ape on it if it doesn’t shut up! A quiet dog is a dead one. Lol. I was kidding don’t call the PETA on me. I got nuff issues naw mean. Anywho, today’s topic is Food. I love it. I love it like a drug. Especially dark chocolate. I swear you could linger me to do anything with chocolate. o_0 I hate chocolate haters. But since Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ll be stuffing our faces. What do you think? ( : My ma takes me to Boston Market and the food is disgusting, no offence it takes like White People’s cooking. And its the truth. Nasty azz food. You can tell when something is cooked by a white person though, ya dig? Taste… plain, but don’t mind me I know some whitr prople who can throw it dowwwnnnn and cook some fried chicken eoowww. boston market food is horrible, everything, my mom loves that shid. -_- But their yams go hard for me?! Seriously its so good with Marshmallows! I’d slap a h… (shut yo mouth) for it. ha! Im crazy and busy with homework. I got 100 more pages to go. Ahhhh. 3 more years Im freeee!!!!

see ya.

new blog part 2

October 29, 2010

Okay, please scroll down to the first post in return of part two of this. Thank you…

Anyways, As I was saying told me to get the car. Gwen didn’t lose it, I’m not the type to get… violent. So I said, “uh no thank you”, an kept it moving! Now I am just saying this to all the girls out there cause some of y’all are dumb hoes to get in the car. Especially in the hood?! Ninja please. So I went down the street, he made a U-turn and followed me down the street. I saw this Mexican so I talked to him, to make it look like I knew him, so the creepy old man drove off, pffft crackheads. Adios Amigo to the Mexican. And that’s my ghetto story. It’s a good thing my brother wasn’t there or I’d be on the witness protection program. But because of that I went home, ate dinner, went to bed at ahhh 10 PM. I woke up around 2 AM, I was crying, and everytimw I thought of why I was crying. I just cries more for no reason. I told my brother in the other room, I wanna go to the hospital. Sooo he took me there, I was put in the patient room. The nurse asked why didn’t feel well. I just was in a daze cause I was depressed and tired.. I turned my head to the side, and said “I feel like killing myself.” and just like that I snapped back into reality. Let me tell you, this nurse told the doc and he pulled the whistle and blew it like an army sargeant, bahaha, these girls in white coats came running in like an army drill and ripped me butt naked and put me in a hospital blue dress or whatever. Looking like a hot mess I was, oh yeah. They called my mother, oh God. But they brought the psychtraist whatever and asked me dumv questions for 2 hours and They finally released me in the morning. Sheesh, I never wanna go back to the hospital Gwen. Sorry if I wasted your 3 minutes reading this bull. Haha.

new blog…

October 29, 2010

“cruising down the west side
on the highway,
doing what we like to do,
our way,
eyes behind shades,
sitting sideways with a newport to blaze.”

Ahahaha, seriously Gwen you cannot rap to save ur life. Nigga, this is my blog, so bounce. Anywho, what it do? I love me some Paul Wall, I aint heard him in ages though, probably died… (ahem) career wise. Oh speaking of music, throwback of the day is “I wanna be down remix” by Brandy ft queen, yo etc..

White ppl: Oh my god, this is my favorite song!
Black ppl: Oh sh*t Nigga. Dis is my joint!

Oh I mean to tell a story that happened a year ago, haha I came out cracking the hell up laughing about it, on the way home. I know people drivin by were like “what the hell is that chick laughing about”? to let you know nigga, I wasnt tipsy okay? now this happened one day when my ma told me to get her a cup of coffee aight so i went to the bakery round da corner and um im not the type of girl to “stand out”. i dress in hoodies and baggy pants ya kmow. and this nigga blasting music loud enough for God to hear. came rolling up by me. before I crossed the street, had the effing nerve (and I was in a bad mood that day) to ask me to get into his car cause I was so beautfiul. Good gawd, thats the 2nd time that shyt happened to me. that was actually the firsttime but Ill post another blog cos my word limit is up…